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February 1st, 2017

The Importance of a Professionally Made Website for Small Business

Marketing is important for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. If you are serious about gaining brand recognition and growing your business, you need to have a professionally made website created for your small business operation. Without internet marketing in this technologically driven day and age, you could easily miss out on numerous customers. A professionally designed website will include the design, content, and images that will not only draw traffic but also make the conversions your business needs to succeed.

Your company needs to create an effective brand identity, and you can make a significant impact on that by creating a professionally designed website that reflects your brand positively, accurately, and in an easy to understand format. You want a website that keeps traffic moving so people will return time and time again to place new orders, learn about new products, or just keep up with your product selection and what you have available for them. They will also visit for price adjustments or to check in for sales.

With a Professionally Designed Website, You Can Improve Content Marketing

Content marketing is designed in a way to grow your business on multiple levels. If you are going to only focus on one kind of marketing, internet marketing or content marketing should be given priority. These are the kinds of marketing that will reap results in our technology based world. Here are the benefits of content marketing:

  • Brand Awareness Improved
  • Identity as a Trusted Professional Created
  • Customers Encouraged to Act
  • Content Sharing Increases Traffic
  • Keeps Your Website Fresh and Leads to Return Traffic
  • Understand not just everyone can effectively design a website or provide high-quality web content. You can find affordable professionals to handle your web design and content writing, so you can reap the maximum results from your efforts. Remember, your website and its content are calls to action, so you want something effective that speaks volumes to your potential audience.

    The Reasons a Website is Vital to Small Business

    A website is vital to any business in our technologically advanced world, especially to small businesses. While large businesses are very competitive and create exciting websites, a website is just as essential to small business. Here are some of the main reasons having a professional website is detrimental to your small business:

  • A strong and positive first impression. You know that first impressions count. You want people to find your business and learn about it in an easy to maneuver fashion.
  • Looking in the window isn’t how people check out businesses nowadays. You must have a site that shows how you stand out, what you offer and why they should choose you.
  • No website means you are missing customers. If you don’t have an attractive, easy to maneuver website, you are missing out on customers and opportunities. It is better to have a bad website than no website at all because with any website people will realize that your business does exist.
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    December 15, 2016

    The Importance of Mobile (Responsive) Design

    If you have a website that is definitely a plus. However, if your website isn’t mobile friendly you are still missing out on a lot of traffic and customers. Studies show that up to 70% of the people who get online do so using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. These can’t access websites like your PC, so you need to have a website that is mobile friendly or responsive so those users can access all your site’s features and offerings so they can be reeled in by your business.

    If you assume your website visitors are accessing your site using a traditional PC, you are missing out. A mobile friendly site will display properly on smaller screens, such as on tablets or smartphones. Your traditional websites don’t view as well and aren’t as maneuverable on the smaller devices, while a site that is mobile optimized is designed to adjust to a smaller screen and the content will format and interface in a manner that is mobile friendly. Features of a mobile friendly website include:

  • Larger text that is easier to read
  • Touch friendly buttons
  • Touch friendly elements on pages
  • Faster download
  • Mobile friendly navigation
  • What are the impacts of a mobile friendly website?

    There are several advantages. As more people are visiting your website using mobile devices, it is imperative that you make sure your visitors – all of them – have a pleasant and positive experience regardless of the device they use to access your site. If your website moves too slowly, is difficult to maneuver, or can’t download on a mobile device, odds are they will move along to your competition. With a mobile friendly website, you offering visitors several advantages, including:

  • Improved user experience
  • Increased lead generation
  • Improved visibility from searches
  • Improved brand identity
  • Google started giving sites offering mobile friendly optimization preference in mobile search results back in April of 2015. If just a few of your target audience members are on mobile devices, this new mobile friendly search approach could have a significant impact on your visibility in searches for customers. You never know when or how a visitor will reach your site, and you definitely want to convert each visitor into a paying customer. By making sure your site is mobile friendly, you are opening new doors and improving your marketing approach on multiple levels.

    Is My Site Mobile Friendly?

    You can tell if your site is mobile friendly by just visiting with a smaller device. If it scales to display content and properly navigate in a manner that seems user friendly on smaller screens, odds are you are safe. If you aren’t sure, you should use free mobile friendly test offered by Google. You simple enter URL and Google will let you know if your site passes the test as being mobile friendly or not. If the site passes the test, you are okay. If it doesn’t, you need to be proactive and take care of making your site mobile friendly as quickly as possible.

    July 24

    Just How Important is User Interface and Design?

    User interface and user experience on your website are extremely important things to consider as they will lead to higher conversion rates that in turn build brand recognition and help you grow your business. Businesses have grown to understand the importance of having a strong online presence, but unfortunately, many are still behind in quality and results. Having a website done correctly is the key to being effective. Your website’s success is multi-faceted. This means it is dependent upon multiple design, development, and marketing factors.

    You need to be aware of user experience, which is referred to as UX, and user interface, which is UI. The most important aspects of your website success can fall under the design category, which is user interface design. These are the features that make your website’s design easy to understand, maneuver, and use. In the end, it will reel in the customers and improve your conversions significantly. After all, growing your business is the important aspect of a successful and effective website.

    UX is important because your leads will visit the website, and if they are frustrated with its maneuverability they will simply hit the back button or go to another business site to find what they are looking for. You need consider people aren’t patient and they aren’t going to stick around if it is taking too much time or effort to find what they are looking for. Frustration may not be caused by the website being challenging to navigate or use, but instead, it can be a result of the content that is challenging to comprehend. You want to keep good UI and UX principles a priority throughout the design process so you can see more traffic, more conversions, and much more revenue!

    The Necessary Components

    While good UI and UX have multiple components, here are some tips on the most important aspects to follow in order to attain your goals, get results, grab conversions, and set a good impression. First, you need to make sure your layout isn’t too busy. You want a site that is simple, clean, and has everything your visitors need such as a shopping cart or navigation bar. Don’t make visitors search. Put things in the same place on every page. You will also need to make sure the webpages load quickly and are usable. You can have a beautiful website, but if it doesn’t function you are out of luck.

    If you are running an eCommerce site, you need to make sure you have properly streamlined the ordering and transaction processes to go through the shopping cart system easily. You want the customers to be able to buy from you easily. You want the process to move fast, smooth, and simple, so your customers can get what they need right when they need it. Creating an effective and attractive website that functions really isn’t that challenging, but you need to make sure you have done it right so you can reap the rewards.